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dinner menu

Available from 5 - 9pm.

Small Plates

Duck Spring Rolls



Roasted duck rolled into a crispy spring roll, served with lettuce, Vietnamese mint salad and spiced citrus hoisin. (2pcs)

Pork Sui Mai



Fried pork dumplings with a chilli soy sambal dipping sauce. (5pcs)

Inang’s Fried Chicken



Inang’s special fried chicken recipe with sambal mango dip.




Lightly spiced besan flour battered vegetables served with a coconut cumin dip.

Rice Paper Rolls



Vegetarian rice paper roll with nuoc cham. (2pcs)

Togarashi Squid



Crispy squid with togarashi spice and caramelised pepper sauce.

Street Corn



Coconut masala fried baby sweet corn with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce.

Drifter Rolls

Beef Rendang



Tender shredded beef with lemongrass, coconut & chilli.

Pork Belly     



Pork Belly Slow cooked caramelised pork belly.

Chicken Tikka Masala



Chunks of tikka marinated chicken thigh in a spiced sauce.

Tempura Spiced Eggplant



Crispy tempura garam masala eggplant spears.


Thai Slaw Salad



Fresh, funky, crunchy & bursting with flavour. Thai slaw is a healthy light dish.

Som Tum Green Papaya Salad



This Bangkok style salad combines shredded green papaya with cucumber, tomato and bean sprouts topped with roasted shrimp, peanuts and a sweet chilli citrus dressing.

Roast Sesame Noodle Salad



Green tea soba noodle salad loaded with fresh vegetables & mango. Tossed together in a roasted sesame dressing.

Calamari Salad



Crispy calamari on an Asian style salad with a caramel pepper dressing.

Large Plates

Kadai Pakistan Chicken



A balti favourite, tomato marinated chicken thigh with coconut and aromatic spices.

Yellow Duck Curry



Slow-cooked duck breast, served with a rich turmeric-based yellow curry sauce. Topped with a drizzle cumin yoghurt, and shallots.

Barramundi Green Curry



Turmeric and ginger marinated barramundi in a green curry sauce with coconut chilli chutney.

Crispy Pork Belly



Crispy caramelised pork belly on a bed of citrus cilantro slaw.




Eggplant, potato and seasonal veg spiced lentil curry.

Bombay Loaded Potatoes



Fried potatoes & cauliflower loaded with a Bombay curried gravy.


Banana Chocolate Roti



Our famous roti with fresh banana and chocolate filling. Topped with desiccated coconut, cinnamon sugar & a drizzle of vanilla bean syrup.

Banana Split



Banana split with coconut ice cream, vegan chocolate, toasted coconut and peanut crumbs.


Housemade Sambal $2
Roti Bread $5
Rice $5
Papadums $5


Made enough decision this week? Let us decide for you.

Minimum of 2 People



This three-course meal requires a minimum of two people. At $45 per person, we will feature our signature dishes and an array of flavours that can be built around most allergies and preferences.

Kids Menu

Chicken Fried Rice



Our take on a classic. This dish is also filled with fresh veggies.

Mini Calamari



Fried calamari tenders accompanied by a side of rice and mayo dipping sauce.


Please inform us of any allergies. We try our best to accommodate allergies. However, our kitchen is not celiac friendly. Thanks!