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Available from 11:30am - 3pm.

Small Plates

Pork Sui Mai



Fried pork dumplings with a chilli soy sambal dipping sauce. (5pcs)

Street Corn



Coconut masala fried baby sweet corn with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce.

Rice Paper Rolls



Vegetarian rice paper roll with nuoc cham. (2pcs)

Fried Chicken



Inang’s special fried chicken with a sambal mango dip.

Roti Chennai     



Flakey roti bread served with a curry dipping sauce.

Drifter Rolls

A Malaysian style taco in a roti bread instead of a tortilla. Choose from beef, pork, chicken or eggplant; all rolls come with fresh cabbage slaw on top. This medium-sized dish is perfect for a light meal or can be paired with a small plate.

Beef Rendang



Tender shredded beef with lemongrass, coconut & chilli.

Pork Belly        



Slow-cooked, caramelised pork belly.                               

Chicken Tikka Masala



Chunks of tikka marinated chicken thigh in a spiced sauce.

Tempura Spiced Eggplant



Crispy tempura garam masala eggplant spears.

Rice Bowls

Shredded Beef



Tender Indonesian beef rendang served with fresh vegetables.

Spiced Chicken



Aromatically spiced tomato-based chicken curry served with fresh vegetables.

Veg Yellow Curry



Pumpkin & potato veg curry with toasted cashews and yellow curry sauce.


Thai Slaw Salad



Fresh, funky, crunchy & bursting with flavour. Thai slaw is a healthy light dish.

Som Tum Green Papaya Salad



This Bangkok style salad combines shredded green papaya with cucumber, tomato and bean sprouts topped with roasted shrimp, peanuts and a sweet chilli citrus dressing.

Roast Sesame Noodle Salad



Green tea soba noodle salad loaded with fresh vegetables & mango. Tossed together in a roasted sesame dressing.


Rice $5
Roti Bread $5
Housemade Sambal $2
Papadums $5


Please inform us of any allergies. We try our best to accommodate allergies.
However, our kitchen is not celiac friendly. Thanks!