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Small Plates

Vegetarian Spring Rolls (V)



Vietnamese Slaw | Sweet Chilli

Pork Sui Mai 5pcs        



Dumplings | Ginger Soy Sauce

City Fried Chicken (GF)



Fried Chicken | Sambal Mango Dip

Togarashi Squid (GF)



Toragashi Spice | Caramelised Pepper Sauce

Corn fries (VEG) (GF)



Coconut Masala Corn | Siracha Lime Sambal Sauce

Drifter Rolls

Asian street Food Roti "taco" with your choice of filling. Served with a citrus slaw.

Malaysian Spiced Beef



Pulled Beef | Lemongrass | Coconut

Indonesian Pulled pork



Spiced Pork | Kaffir Lime Caramel

Indian Shredded Chicken



Slow Cooked Chicken | Tomato | Coconut

Tempura Spiced Eggplant (V)



Tempura Eggplant | Garam Masala

Large Plates

All dishes come with rice.

Kadai Pakistan Chicken (GF)



Aromatic Chicken Curry | Tomato | Potato

Yellow Duck Curry (GF)



Crispy Duck Leg | Turmeric Yellow Curry | Herbs

Yellow Cashew Pumpkin Curry (V) (GF)



Sweet Potato | Pumpkin | Cashews | Yellow Curry

Bombay Potatoes (V) (GF)



Roasted Potatoes | Cauliflower | Indian Bomb Gravy

Indonesian Beef Rendang (GF)



Slow Cooked Brisket | Coconut | Pickles

Market Fish Green Curry (GF)



Balinese Marinade | Green Curry | Coconut Chilli Curry

Crispy Pork Belly



Kaffir Lime | Chilli Caramel | Herb Slaw


Crunch of Saigon (GF)(V)



Asian Slaw | Sesame Vinaigrette | Herbs

Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad (VO)(GF)



Green Papaya | Carrot | Cucumber | Tomato | Peanuts | Chilli lime Dressing



Kids Menu

Pork Belly fried rice (GF)



fried chicken and vegetables



Mini calamari with rice (GF)




Housemade Sambal $3
Roti Bread $5
Rice $5
Pickles $7


Please inform us of any allergies.

(GF) Gluten-Free
(VEG) Vegetarian
(V) Vegan
(VO) Vegan Option Available

All items are diary-free. We base ourselves around local produce and local products.
Please order at the bar and our friendly staff will look after you